Hey kids, the all-new pwdFarm 2020 workbook is now available!

Download for free (or pay as you can) the all-new pwdFarm 2020 workbook (made for Microsoft 365, Excel 2019, Excel for Android, Excel for iOS and Excel for Web) to analyze, improve, and create cyber-resistant passwords. More info on my:

English and Spanish versions.

*In 1998 it was when I created my first email address and my first attempt at a personal website with another ugly nick.

The new cool-geekie blog, random stuff, geek culture, technology, design, cars and more.
(Formerly know as GABEtumblr)
GABEmax is art, conceptual, design, music, gadgets and fancy stuff.
Cars, cars, and more cars. All about cars, trucks, bikes, rides, wheels and iron wings.
Mobile Technology. Gadgets, resources and more.
(Formerly know as Mblng)
A music blog by GABEweb, with exquisite selected music from indie, underground and emerging artists.
(Formerly know as indienation)
El blog de @gabeweb de vuelta a Windows y descubriendo Android, aplicaciones y otros recursos de Internet.
TNGEEK (Times New Geek) is another random blog about gadgets, geek culture, hi-tech, intelligent humor and curiosities for all.
Gabriel Pérez - Contador Público
Página oficial del Lcdo. en Contaduría Pública, Gabriel Pérez (Venezuela).

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